Can NFT Help to Build Your Corporate Culture?

Building corporate culture is vital for having a highly-motivated, efficient team. The more things unite each member of the team, the more cooperative they are. A company’s values,
traditions, and rituals are solid variables of a meaningful corporate culture. 

If we look beyond traditional instruments, we can also come up with stories. Being a part of the story can be a good motivator and engage employees in spirited cooperation with colleagues. And NFT can become a solution to creating an immersive and exciting company’s legend.

Plenty of companies have their stories that mostly derive from their name: a “Gorilla” company will be a red-blooded bald-headed team that tends to set the rules of the market, while “Toony Fruits” most likely will be a team of positive people.

Both of the teams could create an NFT collection with cards dedicated to each team member in their unique style. The cards could contain information that reflects the company’s story by simply indicating things like position, zodiac sign, local memes, illustration or photo of an employee, different dates.

Each employee’s promotion or another milestone can bring them another card from the collection thus motivating them to become a local rockstar, and also feel more engaged in the company’s story, be more productive and cooperative, and have a goal to make the company successful.

In the future, this NFT collection can bring added value to the team as these items can cost much more if the company becomes famous or somewhat interesting to the NFT investors. Such NFT collections also can be a good instrument of your brand awareness because your employees would love to use such cards as social media profile photos.

Also, it will help your whole team get acquainted with crypto wallets and better understand new technologies. And this is a good point for both of you.

If you feel like building your company’s corporate culture, the Apollo HR team can help you implement NFT or build it in any other way.