Will blockchain secure your data?

Regardless of the type of business, proper data collection, processing, and storage will bring you 100% better results and more revenue.

How blockchain can benefit your business

In recent years, everyone has been talking about blockchain. Many words can confuse beginners, and the main thing you need to know to get started is that new technologies are often difficult to evaluate in terms of benefits in the early years of their implementation. While industry enthusiasts are setting huge goals for the future, we have gathered several benefits that blockchain can bring [...]

How can smart contracts improve your business processes?

Trust is a crucial aspect of work relations. Employers expect employees to do their job following corporate guidelines and bring added value to the business, when employees expect an unbiased attitude, to get paid on time, and have clear responsibilities. Blockchain can make contract management completely trustful for both sides.

Personnel Onboarding in the Metaverse

Onboarding is a very stressful period for new employees. Statistics say that only 12% of newcomers are satisfied with their onboarding.