NFT as a Bonus for the Team

An efficient team is a team that gets corresponding positive feedback after a successful performance. That is why you always need to think about rewarding your employees with something besides a pleasant wage.

Ambitious modern companies should always be on the edge of implementing new technologies. In terms of employee rewards, we’re talking about NFTs.

Is NFT a good reward?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that exist in only one variant. Nowadays these tokens often represent some images, videos, music files, memes, and other similar assets. Made on a blockchain, NFTs’ uniqueness is under the protection of unchangeable records in blocks.

A person that obtains NFT is an owner of the asset but in fact, everyone can see and use it without violating any intellectual and other property rights. Put simply, NFT is a right on an asset in a digital world without restricting the asset’s usage.

Why do you even need to think of rewarding your employees with NFTs? Because these tokens possess a lot of potential to become highly valuable assets. NFTs are only in the early stage of popularization and thus capitalization. Being a part of the metaverse and having an investment instrument features, non-fungible tokens can drastically increase their value in time. Why is it possible?

NFT is a win-win reward

Rewarding your team with a featured company’s NFT collection, you not only give them valuable assets but also motivate them to add value to these assets by working efficiently and creatively.

For example, if you release a collection when your company is only gaining weight on the market, each NFT will cost a certain relatively small amount of ETH. But when your company is a part of the Fortune 100 or a company with a successful ubiquitous product or a company hitting New York Times headlines and Twitter trends or all at once, the same collection will cost much higher because of the company's increased significance.

How else can employees use NFTs?

First, you can release a personalized collection devoted to each team member. In this case, an employee can just use it as a reminder of being a part of your team and collect such NFTs in the future like gaming cards or old-fashioned stamps.

Second, they can simply sell it in the marketplace or back to you. This is an obvious and straightforward usage but much more creative and engaging than just providing them with a 13th salary.

Third, NFTs are a part of the metaverse so you can reward your team with such tokens that can help form your employees’ virtual personalities. If now it is a rather strategic move, in the future it can become a must.

Bottom line 

NFT is a good but not ultimate benefit these days. Don’t rely only on such a reward and mix it with more traditional benefits like medical insurance, remote job opportunities, and team buildings in exotic places. 

Consider using NFT only if all your rewarded employees should know how it works and what they get. Otherwise, it doesn’t make NFTs inclusive.

Apollo HR team will be glad to assist you with implementing NFTs as rewards for your team as well as to tell more about how NFTs can help to create a corporate culture for your company.