Our services

Hiring is a two-way process. As the client looks through the CVs, the candidate seeks a vacancy. We facilitate the process and make it clear and effective for both sides. We will not only help you to fill the vacancies but also find candidates with the motivation to work with you in the long-term perspective.

We propose a wide range of services that both address the small HR tasks and provide multipurpose team development.


There are plenty of variables that affect your team’s efficiency and time-frames of your projects. We will analyze the team and create a report that will feature the following:  

  • what your personnel lacks
  • what and how to change your workflow
  • how to unite the team
  After discussing with you, we will provide a solution plan and process organization.


This is the most popular service. We will find, attract job seekers, provide you with a CV and contacts, and fill the vacancy.

Also, in the development and enhancement stage, department heads need to hire a lot of people simultaneously. Here’s the same scheme: we seek, we interview with your CTO, we test, we hire.

Team buildings

Your team sometimes needs to chill, get acquainted with each other, communicate in an informal atmosphere, and make a review of internal relations.

Depending on the situation, we can either make a corporate party or involve a psychologist who can give a clue on your team’s or a certain employee's problems. Maybe we will make a spontaneous event.

Team building events assume a joyful format. We will confirm the format with you concerning your vision.

Interview Analysis

Sometimes you need to know the peculiarities of the job seeker, especially when the candidate is interviewed for a major position. We will help you to create a psychological portrait of the candidate during the interview.


Blockchain is a trend of today. It is rapidly gaining popularity in different business spheres, and plenty of entrepreneurs have already acquired the advantage of using it. We can come in handy with a consultation on how to implement blockchain, NFT, web3.0, and metaverse to your company’s corporate culture as well as to share a database of experienced specialists in the field.  

People parnter

Your employees need to feel comfortable to have a sincere motivation to efficiently work for your company. That is why you need to provide them with the attention and assistance, especially during the first three months after hiring.

We will make an onboarding, adaptation, employee retention, help them with the promotion, or fire them in case of necessity. A personal approach will make your company an attractive place to stay for each employee.

Market Analysis

Market analysis is an assessment of market size both in terms of volume and value, analysis of customer segments and shopping patterns, competition and the economic environment in terms of barriers to entry and regulation.

Help for IT startups

If you are an IT specialist and you have a cool idea for a startup, contact us we will help you pay it into reality.

Relocate IT

We help with moving and support you at all stages of obtaining documents!

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