Personnel Onboarding in the Metaverse

Onboarding is a very stressful period for new employees. Statistics say that only 12% of newcomers are satisfied with their onboarding. This figure implies unproductive unmotivated personnel and a large share of resignation in the early stages. Metaverse onboarding may resolve this problem.

Metaverse allows companies to create a virtual space where you can share needed information with new employees, interact with them, and all in an engaging form. Also, you can onboard several newcomers at the same time to facilitate social connections, save time for your HR team, and contribute to better teamwork in the future.

Engagement is a very important part of the first months in a new company and metaverse onboarding is a good choice in terms of creating an interesting environment. For example, you can come up with an unexpected virtual location or gamify the process with different rewards like NFTs for successful passing of the onboarding stage.

Anyway, you’ll need to acquaint new employees with your company’s history, policies, rules, and corporate culture. Doing it in an interactive quiz, video or presentation would have a much better effect than a link to a series of YouTube videos or static pptx.

Onboarding in the metaverse can inspire newcomers to a more productive and creative performance because virtual experience sets the perception of a job to a new level. The technology allows motivating new employees to work more passionately as they can feel participating in a revolutionary process.

Right off the bat, you can model real-life situations for your employees and thus quicken their adaptation period. For example, you can imitate a client briefing and short-term group tasks. Introduction of new members to a team is also a crucial thing, and metaverse onboarding can make the process less stressful for newcomers and more worthwhile for their colleagues.

Metaverse experience is the future of onboarding and many other HR and business processes. If you seek opportunities to bring metaverse to your business, Apollo HR can make it smooth and efficient.