Will Metaverse Change Zoom Calls? 

Events of the last two years showed us that remote work could not only be a benefit for a responsible team but also a necessity. Lots of companies revealed that remote teams with appropriate management can stay efficient or perform even better.

Each employee with a sufficient level of motivation, responsibility, and self-organization can do their work without sacrificing 2-3 hours a day watching the rear lights of a Prius while commuting to an office.

The only need to break the worker’s autonomy is in team meetings. Even before covid, there was a slight feeling of uselessness of such a large number of meetings daily but with Zoom, Skype, and Meet it all turned into a constant dull nightmare.

2D grid with fancy backgrounds, kids and cats breaking through, and an atmosphere of everlasting routine doesn’t really contribute to reaching quarterly goals both of an employee and a company.

It was a matter of time before the solution would come: in the present technological era, it took only two years. Now we can talk about substituting zoom calls with AR and VR meetings in the metaverse.

AR and VR technologies allow us to recreate any needed environment like an exact conference room from your office or an International Space Station Unity module and communicate there through our avatars like during a normal offline meeting.

Depending on the goals of the meeting, the creator can adjust the environment to the demands, and make the meeting more entertaining and engaging. A proper setting can be a good argument to involve participants in a productive discussion.

It may be strange to communicate with avatars but this experience will definitely increase the productivity of such meetings. At the same time, the new form of communication can make us rethink how often and how long we need to discuss something and how often we actually do something.

Though the technology is not mass-adopted, its perspectives are very promising. IT giants already develop and test software for a routine AR and VR experience and expect to sell millions of headsets and other devices only this year.

The metaverse meetings will be 1000 times more engaging and productive than the 2D Zoom grid. Fun fact: Zoom also develops VR software for the customers. Apollo HR team develops the idea of using cutting-edge technologies for improving business processes so when you’re interested in converting your company’s remote meetings into VR experience, we can give you a hand.