Can NFT Help to Build Your Corporate Culture?

Building corporate culture is vital for having a highly-motivated, efficient team. The more things unite each member of the team, the more cooperative they are. A company’s values,
traditions, and rituals are solid variables of a meaningful corporate culture. 

VR Education of Your Employees

It is said that people tend to learn new information visually, by ear or by touch There are many theories about learning styles, but let's take this one as an option. Can you imagine an educational medium that is suitable for all types at the same time?

Will Metaverse Change Zoom Calls? 

The events of the last two years have shown that remote work can be not only a benefit for a responsible team, but also a necessity. Many companies have found that remote teams with appropriate management can remain effective or work even better. Every employee with a sufficient level of motivation, responsibility, and self-organization can do their job without sacrificing 1-2 hours a day, looking [...]

NFT as a Bonus for the Team

An efficient team is a team that gets corresponding positive feedback after a successful performance. That is why you always need to think about rewarding your employees with something besides a pleasant wage.