Will blockchain secure your data?

В інформаційну епоху дані є запорукою успіху. Незалежно від виду бізнесу, належний збір, обробка та зберігання даних на 100% принесе вам кращі результати та більший дохід. Й оскільки ця інформаційна епоха широко відома витоками даних, постає питання: чи може блокчейн зробити керування даними безпечнішим?

Технологія блокчейн побудована на даних, записаних у блоках, де кожен запис пов’язаний з іншим, попереднім і наступним блоками. Саме тому блокчейн називають розподіленою системою – не існує єдиного центру, де зберігаються всі дані. Намагаючись отримати доступ до одного з блоків, шахрай вплине на інші блоки, що зменшить ймовірність потенційного витоку даних.

Технологія часто пов’язана з шифрування. Зрештою, це не захищає дані повністю, але в поєднанні з перевагами блокчейну, які були зазначені раніше, шифрування забезпечує ще один рівень безпеки. Після шифрування ви можете розділити дані на кілька частин і розповсюдити ці записи по мережі, і бути впевненим, що ви матимете доступ до всіх даних, навіть якщо деякі з блоків якимось чином пошкоджені.

Крім того, така архітектура робить ваші контракти та інші записи безпечнішими, оскільки ніхто не може підробити дані, не залишивши відповідного сліду. Тому використання блокчейну як технології керування даними важливо не лише для вас як власника даних, але й для ваших співробітників. Якщо вони знають, що компанія зберігає дані та виконує контракти за допомогою блокчейну, працівники можуть довіряти вам і бути більш відкритими до співпраці.

Є багато корисних функцій, які блокчейн привносить у життя бізнесу. Дізнайтеся про інші частини в наших окремих статтях про це

. І якщо ви бажаєте безпечніше зберігати свої дані за допомогою блокчейну або використовувати будь-які інші переваги технології, зв’яжіться з нами, і Apollo HR Team будем рада вам допомогти.

Are You Currently Ruining Affairs Before They Also Begin?

What the results are once you begin online dating men you are actually keen on? If you should be at all like We was once before I met my better half, abruptly you’re feeling a surge of pleasure. You start making reference to him (or maybe you don’t since you worry you might jinx it). But a very important factor’s definitely – you’re thinking about him everyday.

Maybe you’re checking his Facebook page…or doing a bit of study on him on the internet. To start with, it’s attraction. But then another thing happens. You begin stressing which you may perform or say something you should mess situations up. You you will need to determine what he’s thinking about you, or why he mentioned this or performed that. You free up room in your schedule just in case he phone calls. But listed here is something you will need to know: although he might maybe not know any of this will be happening, it begins tipping situations with him against your own benefit. Here’s why.


Over-thinking about men is work. As soon as you devote time and energy to one, you will be, you might say, trying to MAKE some thing take place with him. And this goes up against the really center of what you want as a lady – and just what the guy wishes as one. Consider it. We females like one to follow united states – showing you he desires you. However when we consider him excessive, we begin to carry out everything I call “leaning forward” – that is, we move around in about area the guy must appear onward.

Your own vibe modifications around him. You feel stressed, and you become mentally exhausted from the evaluating. You’ve got much less energy when it comes to other items that you experienced – the passions and people that made the individual he had been keen on to start with.


Putting all your valuable concentrate on one man really does something else entirely. It generates your self-confidence go-down. That is because the moment you create a guy the biggest market of your universe, you choose to go down COMPLETE middle. You are going through the carefree, spirited lady you happen to be to a fearful, troubling creature. Plus it demonstrates. Contrary to popular belief, a person can notice when you’re swept up in your mind about him. Your thoughts affect your emotions along with your feeling.

If you have ever had men go cool on you after a seemingly promising start, this might be why. You moved too much of your very own energy to him, and he FELT it. The guy sensed you were putting your expectations and ambitions on him BEFORE getting knowing him, and that is like stress to one. Therefore, what do you do if you are feeling really attracted to one man so that you cannot accidentally sabotage situations?


When you have discovered one you think is a potential keeper, it really is tempting to pay off out your schedule for him and never actually start thinking about additional dates. But this is exactly what allows you to become afraid and worried about whether he will call and what is going to happen subsequent. Result: You can’t end contemplating him, in which he’ll detect the truth that you are hinging on his every step.

Therefore, utilize eHarmony for the best! Keep connecting along with other men and creating dates together. In addition, hold carrying out all the stuff in your lifetime you like. Never shift your own timetable to make room for a particular man on last-minute. Maintain your few days hectic. Carrying this out means you’re not playing difficult to get – you really ARE filling up everything with sorts of satisfying things. And therefore enables you to infinitely appealing. If this guy you’re dropping for is actually Mr. correct, he’s going to understand HE should step-up and set up time with you. While won’t even have to take into account it.

Rori instructs women simple tips to break out with the designs which have been keeping them from truly hooking up with a person’s cardiovascular system in order to enjoy strong intimacy.  To understand specific methods for you to step out from the “doing” part inside relationship and in to the much more female fuel “feeling” character this is certainly therefore alluring and magnetized to a guy, subscribe Rori’s cost-free e-newsletter. You’ll discover more easy methods to permit a person understand he’s happy to have you.

How blockchain can benefit your business

Everyone is talking about blockchain in recent years. Lots of words can confuse newcomers and the main thing to know for starters is that new technologies are often hard to estimate in terms of usefulness in their early years of adoption. While industry enthusiasts set overwhelming goals for the future, we've gathered a few benefits blockchain can bring your business right away.

Payroll personnel with crypto

Crypto payments are good to go when it comes to the gig economy. Many of your workers may work from different parts of the world and paying them using the traditional banking system may take days and significant fees. Even if all of your staff works at an office, crypto payroll still solves fee and speed issues as well as gives your team some investment instruments.

Smart contracts to manage agreements

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts written and controlled in a computer code. The technology allows to solve transparency, executability, and thus trust issues that often occur between stakeholders. In the case of you and your workers, both sides of the contract will be sure that the cooperation is fair and all parts comply with obligations.

Team performance management

Everyone wants their team to work better and blockchain technology can help to achieve it. Set goals for employees, control time spent on delivery, track efficiency and automatize bonuses/fines using the technology. On the other hand, expect your employees to like this system because it makes their future in your company more predictable and procedures more transparent.

NFT as an HR instrument

Blockchain is also responsible for ever-present NFTs. Non-fungible tokens can be of good use not only for creators but also for rewarding your team or building the corporate culture. Starting from creating a personalized collection to just paying a part of a salary in NFTs, you can upgrade your image, motivate the team, and even boost sales!

Metaverse opportunities

Finally, blockchain technology will be the base of what we now call metaverse. Metaverse makes your HR processes way better, be it personnel training in VR, or metaverse onboarding, and of course substitution of zoom calls with pleasant VR talks.

Bottom line  

We don't know how far blockchain adoption will go, but businesses can use its benefits right now to increase productivity, better team management, and thus higher income. If you think of opting in, the Apollo HR team can implement blockchain in your business processes.

How can smart contracts improve your business processes?

Trust is a crucial aspect of work relations. Employers expect employees to do their job following corporate guidelines and bring added value to the business, when employees expect an unbiased attitude, to get paid on time, and have clear responsibilities. Blockchain can make contract management completely trustful for both sides.

Blockchain technology is well-known for its smart contracts – self-executing agreements that are being written and thus controlled using computer code. Blockchain enthusiasts are eager to convince businesses, governments, and citizens to switch to smart contracts when making any kind of deal.

When the mass adoption of smart contracts is only on the far horizon, companies already use this form of agreement in different practices such as buy-sell contracts. In HR, smart contracts can manage agreements between the employer and the worker.

The basic application is the payroll. Quite often employees receive their salary with delays or just for a longer time than possible because of additional bureaucracy, accountant's checks, managers' approval, and many others. Smart contracts can make life easier and pay workers when they meet certain conditions. For example, it can be the date, amount of tasks, or any other milestone both parties agree on.

Smart contracts are a good fit in the case of working with gig workers. It allows to set more trustful relations for short-term cooperation and avoid payroll delays from the employer's side and unclear invoices from the contractor's side.

The application of smart contracts may raise the image of the company and make it more attractive for talented workers who seek trustful, transparent, and convenient cooperation.

The other plus of the technology is that employers can more precisely and fairly control the worker's contract violations and apply fines. The less uncertainty you put in the contract, the more likely both parties will get the expected outcome from the cooperation.

Smart contracts are the future of contract management in every company. If you apply it today, you will save time when the smart contracts will be a deciding point in choosing a new job. The Apollo HR team will help to implement smart contracts into your business processes once you decide to use them.